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PostSubject: READ PLEASE   READ PLEASE EmptyThu Mar 19, 2009 3:49 pm

Never tell your password to anyone.
Eventzz: Why do that ?
Eventzz: seriosuly ?
Eventzz: did i say somethink to you in the server ?
Eventzz: did you save them logs ?
AsH.LetsPlayMore: im simply sick and tired of hearing "wallbang" "ban" this and that from you and i told you to shut it
AsH.LetsPlayMore: and then you pm this kinna stuff to me
Eventzz: What kinda stuff ?
Eventzz: all i said was i find you a rude bitch
Eventzz: ....
AsH.LetsPlayMore: awell.and i didnt like it, dont take it personal.i wouldve banned anyone who says that
Eventzz: so you have banned me because ?
AsH.LetsPlayMore: are you kidding me, im not taking being clled bitch by you
Eventzz: LOL
Eventzz: so everyone swears on the server at each other and that like hitty and terror, ADMINS calling each other names
Eventzz: and you ban me for calling you a rude bitch ?
Eventzz: Im glad ive saved this to show dinger, your terrible
AsH.LetsPlayMore: Very Happy

AsH.LetsPlayMore: Very Happy
Eventzz: i mean banning someone from calling them a rude bitch
AsH.LetsPlayMore: terrors never called me bitch on server or didnt do it as a joke on server
Eventzz: and people say cunt on the server and swear all the time
Eventzz: ....
Eventzz: i mean seriosuly
AsH.LetsPlayMore: you pmed me. and i dont you know so that couldnt be " a joke between friends"
AsH.LetsPlayMore: i didnt ban you coz of swearing on server, i banned you coz you called me a bitch on pm, not as joke anywhere
Eventzz: that made sense ?
AsH.LetsPlayMore: if it was a joke and on server, i wouldve just told you i dont like that joke
Eventzz: thats why i didnt say it in the server because when you told me to shut up in the server i felt embarssed and found it rather fuckin rude, when be quite eventzz would of done
Eventzz: i mean people swear all the time in server, jokin or not jokin! and because i called you a rude bitch in friends coz i did find that rather rude
Eventzz: and you banned me
Eventzz: =/
Eventzz: whats tos forums ?
AsH.LetsPlayMore: and ive explained why.this is not about swearing it was about calling me a bitch on pm'
Eventzz: LOL
AsH.LetsPlayMore: you cn appeal on forums
Eventzz: why am i going to appeal
Eventzz: you banned me for like no reason
Eventzz: there is no appeal
Eventzz: Ok then look, im going to say im sorry!
Eventzz: and youve banned me perm yeah ?
AsH.LetsPlayMore: i want the sorry on forums Smile
AsH.LetsPlayMore: i want the sorry on forums Smile
Eventzz: Have i bin banned perm ?
AsH.LetsPlayMore: yes

I mean i didnt abuse her, Constantly Abuse her! All i said was i found you a rude bitch, i mean come on Rolling Eyes seriosuly
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Dinger (TOS)

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PostSubject: Re: READ PLEASE   READ PLEASE EmptyThu Mar 19, 2009 5:01 pm


After reviewing your case and talking to both yourself and admin, thank you for your honesty. I have concluded although that a perm ban is not required in this circumstance you was in the wrong and did breach one of the server rules "Admins will not be abused".

As a server reg and for your honesty your perm ban has been lifted, HOWEVER, you have recieved a warning with regards to the breakage of these rules and you have been given a 12 hour steam ID ban. this will be removed around mid day tomorrow.

Should the abuse have been more severe a perm ban may have been accepted.

It is clear you have apologised to Cashmere and you have also posted this apology on the forum for all to see, I see no further continuation of this topic but please be more careful and thoughtful of others going forward.


Dinger (TOS)
Head Admin / Server Administrator.
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