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 CS 1.6 Team Old Skool UK-Server

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CS 1.6 Team Old Skool UK-Server Empty
PostSubject: CS 1.6 Team Old Skool UK-Server   CS 1.6 Team Old Skool UK-Server EmptySat Aug 30, 2008 8:10 am


Please take a few moments to read these rules carefully to avoid any problems regarding the server, its admins and other players.

General Message: You may be removed to make way for Team Old Skool Community Members.

1 - No Racism, Insultive, discrimitive and offensive behaviour

2 - We do encourage a laugh and a good time but please if you have offended someone and they have asked
you to stop please stop.

3 - Cheats, Codes, skill enhancing software, Hacking or any other means that breaks the standard gameplay of
counterstike are not to be used at any time on this server.

4 - No Bunny Hopping, Russian Walking, Wall Banging (eg NO Shooting people through walls at any time. But Doors,
boxes, crates, blocks, trees, plants, are acceptable)

5 - Do not intentionally Team Wound or Team Kill for any reason while playing on this server.

6 - No Mic Spamming, Nade Spamming, Test Spamming

7 - CTs are not allowed to camp on CS Maps.

8 - Ts are not allowed to camp on DE Maps.

9 - No Advertising on server or Forums unless otherwise stated

10 - Please do not use the TOS tag that is for admins.

11 - Do not abuse admins or argue with them, their say is final, if you are hot headed and need to calm down leave and
come back later.

12 - Have fun dont be to seroius and welcome everyone.

By playing on this server you automaticly agree to the terms and conditions on this page.

Failure to follow these rules may lead to the following:

a) Warning, either public or personal
b) Slap / Slay
c) Kick / Temp Ban
d) Perm Ban

It is the admins discretion to impliment the correct punishment.
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CS 1.6 Team Old Skool UK-Server
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